Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Virthorne Campaign NPCs

Thick and still hardy, Captain Illick has a dark complexion and long thinning salt and peppered hair.  As a youth, he was a dashing figure astride his mount often leading the entire caravan even then, as a scout.  With age, his natural skill with animals and diplomatic abilities became apparent and he soon became the caravan’s leader. 

He is a gruff but passionate task master always with the tribe’s best interest in the forefront of his scheming goals. 

Captain Illick and his troupe of gypsies play a large role in the Virthorne Campaign mainly due to the large amount of hooks that can be explored by association.  His caravan is need of guards for more dangerous treks.  He will pay well for live monster specimens (and dead if they are preserved and exotic enough) for his carnival.  And the troupe’s independent activities puts them in conflict with both the authorities and the thieves guild.

2 of these minis are Ral Partha (11-109 Gypsies); Capt Illick has the pipe.  The other 2 minis are also Ral Partha (01-251 Corsairs - Raiders of the Eastern Seas). Notice the common blue sash that notes their affiliation to their tribe. 

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