Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recognize this?

If you are not a Reaper Miniatures fan you will probably not recognize this.

Miniatures (all Reaper):  02229: Brag Ironballs (the Dwarf); 03048: Sir William, Peace Maker (Plate Armor); 03073: Sarah the Seeress (female); 65094: Torin, Thief (cloak).

Quick note: to be a truer representation the warrior in plate should actually be “03171: Sir Thomas, Adventuring Knight.”

***Edit: as far as the dwarf goes, I just picked something similar; in the original work he carries a shield.

Here's a slightly different angle:

I couldn't quite get everyone in focus at once.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wotc Silver Anniversary Miniatures

I like this line and have plans to collect more of them. I’ve already posted the bugbear awhile back.

 Cyclops WOC40016

 Fighter (Male) WOC40004 
Lesser Vampire WOC40009

Also, here are some props; I use a erasable battle-map in games but I believe these will be good to remind me of how narrow choke points doors really are.  They are often used as funnels for meeting a limited number of foes but I do not usually remember to restrict movement, say for dead bodies or as squeeze points.  I believe this should do the trick in combat situations.

Black Tree Design
 AA118 Dungeon Doors (3)