Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pathfinder PC

I mentioned in a previous post that I was playing in our FLGS Pathfinder Society’s gaming sessions.  

 I not really up on the campaign setting so I have some homework to do; hopefully, immersing myself in the setting will increase my enjoyment factor.  The modules are definitely of the railroad variety in a good, lazy, reactionary way.  I’ll just have to figure out a way squeeze out what I want out of regular gaming until I can find a stable, regular campaign.

Presenting Glimjik the mage, currently 2nd level.  He carries a MW long bow as an arcane bonded item and has a dagger at his waist; he wears the finest traveling leathers (breeches, vest, boots) and silk shirts.  He also has a pack mule – he certainly isn’t carrying all that adventuring gear! The mule got a lot of attention during the overland module, “A Vision of Betrayal.” I felt like he was pretty much a member of the party by the end.  

60117: Tsuto Kaijitsu
HH1b - Expedition Mule II


Saturday, November 10, 2012

First attempt at light reflection

I am not really happy with my first attempt at trying to capture a fiery reflection on these miniatures.  I read a few articles and tried a variety of attempts; mosly, I had to hurriedly remove with water almost the instant after application.  Nothing worked well for me. 

Finally, I just dry brushed with the same color used for the fire beetles eyes and glands.  The ass end looks okay; I like the reflections on the stone and back.  The front, where the eyes reflect off the legs and carapace however, are not to my satisfaction. 
Suggestions, tips or instruction sources are welcome!  

These miniatures are part of Otherworld's Labyrinth Lord boxed set: