Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Virthone NPCs and a few Stirges

These guys were painted up to be the guards for the town of Virith; of course they will stand in for virtually any guard in any city the PCs encounter in their starting region. 

I was very excited to come across these old minis; I had put stats on stats and patrol numbers on the town guards then saw these guys who were perfect from the small images online.  What I thought was scale mail actually appears to me to be padded over a chain shirt – no biggie they still fit nicely; also apparently was “shorted” one guard in the package- I got only got four guards. 

I had an excruciating time painting this group however.  I can really say why specifically.  It was important for me to do a good job on them because they will represent virtually any guard in the PC starting nation so I might have tried a little harder and it took alittle longer which lead to almost full blown touch ups on every paint color.  This has happened before when I paint a PC that will represent usually about a 3rd level PC (out of the woods so to speak); so I try exceptionally hard as they will be with me for awhile and have discovered that they tend to be the hardest to “get right” to stay consistent with an original vision.  This is absolutely counter-productive.  This fixation has lead to more repaints as well.  On the flip side, there have been times when I have been so flexible in my paint schemes and loose with my techniques that unimportant miniatures have become PC’s due to the great work on them.

I guess I need to remind myself of this prior to painting “important” guys rather than realize this at the end of a project.  Realistically, this probably will not happen though.

 Ral Partha 

Town Guard 01-021

More Core Monsters to fall to PC blade and spell:

 LL Boxed Set: Stirges
Ral Partha: Large Treasure Chest DF-671

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"The Craft" Articles

Here are three miniatures I painted following step by step articles on I found on Reaper’s website in “The Craft”section.  I followed them pretty closely.

All of the articles were written by Derek Schubert.  All miniatures are Reaper.

First, Brand the Barbarian (Dark Heaven: 2529); this article focused on painting flesh:

Second, Onastaa the Sorceress (Dark Heaven: 2060); this article was focused on painting cloth:

Lastly, Brigette of the Blade (Dark Heaven: 2026); this article covered metal armor: