Sunday, September 30, 2012

Otherworld Minis

These miniatures are part of Otherworld’s Labyrinth Lord boxed set.  I had originally bought them to run a LL game, The Village of Larm, at the local gaming store (perhaps part of a larger campaign with B1 and Nights Dark Terror). 
It hasn’t happened yet but maybe. 

Pathfinder Society has garnered most of the interest of the locals at the moment.  Which is great; I really like the system (3.5).  Having grown up on Basic and AD&D I appreciate the rules of the system.  “Rules Light” was great but I would have killed for some black and white interpretations of rules, at times, in the day.

I’ve played one Path Finder Society adventure and I believe I will continue.  I would prefer standard, regular gaming group campaigns but you take what you can get.  The episodic nature of the modules is the biggest flaw in regard to what I want in a game.  You have to end them in one session so there is a lot of glossing over travel and a “wrap up” near the end to tie everything up for the next game.  Character development, realism, and role playing suffers – but those components are probably not meant to be at the heart of “society” play, whether its RPGA, Pathfinder or Tournament style play.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Post

The title of the blog, “Vermin Fields” refers to a region of broken land in my campaign over run by vermin of all sorts (mostly insects of various sizes) secretly being marshaled by an evil druid.

I do not claim to be a great miniature painter but I am proud of them. 

I often stick to what, for lack of a better term, are personal “canon” paint jobs or “official” examples (i.e. chainmail cards, box set images, artwork, etc.) or the premiere, or in some cases the only, image postings by bloggers.

In honor of the title, here is Reaper’s 03049: Huge Spider; bonus points if you can guess what monster it’s painted up to resemble.  Actually, this particular creature resides in a mountain pass blocking the entrance to a valley housing an ancient empire rather than in the Vermin Fields…but ahhh…anyway.

With Minions