Sunday, March 10, 2013

Complete Town Guards and another Schubert painted model

The people at IWM sent me the town guard that was absent in my original order (January 23rd post)  The shades are not exactly right as they were painted at different times mixing colors “on the fly” but you probably wouldn’t notice the slight variation if I placed them down on the gaming board for a potential encounter. 

The second miniature is Elladan Swiftbrook (Dark Heaven: 2543).  I again followed Derek Schubert’s guide from “The Craft” article at the Reaper website (  Over all, the guide was spot on.  However, I could not get the leaves on the sections of leather armor to look like the image following the guide.  I don’t know if it was too vague or I just couldn’t get it.  Either way, I good with the result: if I would have done it without following a guide trying to get a similar result I’d probably be extremely happy with how it turned out. But since I was following a blue print I'm only “so so” with the result.  


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