Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hobgolins and a Sea Hag

Still working my way through the Labyrinth Lord Boxed Set (Otherworld). Next to paint are the stirges.  

That leaves only the pig faced orcs left in the first boxed set and I don’t think I will be painting those mainly because of all of the various orcs I have accumulated over the years (Mostly chainmail and DDM); although I sincerely like the pig faced version, the hordes of orcs I have already put them at a low priority for gaming miniatures which is essentially what my goal is: table top quality with a nice variety of creatures for any game. 

I know. I know. They are essential for OD&D feel.   If I start a true old school game then I would rethink the need to paint the orcs especially if they were to play a heavy role in a campaign. 


Next up is Reaper’s version of a Sea Hag; before the OSR (or at least my knowledge of it) my gaming goal was to paint my way through d20 creatures that had miniature representation; she was purchased with that in mind.

There is no campaign connection between these miniatures, i.e. the hobgoblins don’t work for her nor are allied with this hag; they just got painted at the same “sitting.”

 14578: Sea Hag, Razig

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